Thursday, May 18, 2017

Keep Austin Weird

We stayed two nights in Austin, particularly because we wanted to visit a special place that required us to get there pretty early in the morning and it's located a couple of hours away.  Stay posted to see where we went.  In the meantime, we got to see a ton of cool stuff in Austin.  Check it out-- 

First stop, Baylor Street Art Walls.

Dakotah's playground.

Cool frame.

Pineapple love.

Anyone can legally graffiti on the walls.

Watching the bats from under the Congress bridge.
It was fascinating to witness but a little underwhelming.  The bats were much smaller than I anticipated and trickled out from under the bridge rather than I giant swarm, as I expected.

This is Vince, the creator of the Cathedral of Junk.   He made his first sculpture when he was 16 years old.  He has been working on the Cathedral of Junk, which his mom named, since 1992.  It's 32 feet tall, which is the legal limit but he can still expand it towards the back of his lot.  You can't tell the enormity of it from this picture.  It actually has three levels and the structure needed engineer-approval.

Here's the view from the third floor.

This was inside part of the Cathedral.

We had a great time in Austin but now it's time for us to move on.
The adventures starting tomorrow are more my style-- nature at its best!  Stay tuned.

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